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Are you planning on moving out of your rental property? We have some tips for you to get that pass and retain your deposit!

Clean Living Room

  • Make sure the tops of your kitchen cupboards have been cleaned. Wipe all cupboards and doors inside and outside. If there is debris in the cupboard, it is best to hoover this out before cleaning.

  • The tops of internal doors and their frames can collect dust; as can curtain rails, blinds and light fittings and must usually be wiped off, provided it is safe to do so.

  • Make sure the oven is sparkling. Don’t forget the hobs and extractor fan! If you use an oven cleaning product, be careful that it does not damage the seals of the oven and does not escape through the bottom of the oven, as this can damage flooring and cupboard doors – Always read the instructions and ensure that safety precautions are followed.

  • Kitchens can be brought back to life with a degreaser product and bathrooms will appreciate a mould and mildew remover to take those pesky tile and grout marks away. Going over areas that have been cleaned with a dry cloth will help to buff the surface and add extra shine where possible.

  • When hoovering; ensure that you go around the edges of the room, edges of steps and corners with the nozzle attachment to ensure that all dust etc has been removed. Always finish off hard/tiled floors with a good mop!

If you would like to discuss our full professional end of tenancy package, just drop us a message or give us a call on 01594 824084

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